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About Us

Welcome to Healthnovo, a world where all your medical needs are fulfilled to keep you healthy and fit at a reasonable cost.

Healthnovo is an innovative hybrid healthcare and diagnostics company with the mission of making the world a healthier place. We aim to provide contacts for various types of doctors at a single place and a variety of services to the healthcare industry.

We have integrated the benefits of both telephonic health and in-person care. Depending upon the circumstances, each patient will be handled differently. We also provide Generic Medicines and medical devices.

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Our Initiatives

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Blood Bank / Ambulance Services

In the case of an emergency, Healthnovo is committed to providing exceptional and critical care. Our service is known for its dedicated treatment; it is an effort to raise the bar in critical care transport as well as provide secure and attentive assistance in non-emergency situations. You can reach the closest blood bank and also avail of 24-hour ambulance services through FMC.

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Corporate Services

Our primary goal is to help corporate employees become healthier and more efficient. Corporate employees can have regular health checkups and have their health history stored digitally through Healthnovo.

Our Corporate Health services can provide multiple benefits like the healthy lifestyle of employees, enhanced overall fitness, improved efficiency, and reduced absenteeism.

We Offer

In house call, chat or video consultant

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Online Consultation

The well-being and safety of our patients are our top priority at First Mile Clinic. For people who could not make it to the hospital, we provide online video/teleconsultations.

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Digital Health Records

One can retain their health records digitally while consulting multiple doctors at a time. There will be no more difficulties in retaining paper copies of health records or the threat of losing them. We also maintain a high level of confidentiality.

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Generic Medicines

Costs of most essential medicines these days are very expensive, due to which a section of the society is unable to afford them. In an attempt to improve their lives we provide Generic Medicines, which cost 30% to 70% less than all branded medicines.

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Medical Services

Although serving healthcare customers is our primary goal, we also offer the best- in-class technology to a variety of health partners such as hospitals, medical professionals, medical clinics, diagnostic centers, and so on. We provide you with:

Our Franchise

First Mile Clinic is a franchise-based platform that provides primary screening of enrolled members using scientifically validated techniques, relieving the stress on secondary screening and hospitals.

FMC uses compact machines for diagnosing chronic diseases such as

  • Neurology
  • Gynecology
  • Cardiology
  • Pulmonary testing

Apart from these, they are also equipped for basic laboratory tests and emergency services. They provide quick test results and are cost effective (40 -50% lower cost than traditional laboratory cost).

Three types of consultations available with the super-speciality doctors of FMC

  • In-house consultation - Doctors working for FMC are equipped with advanced technology, a sufficient quality supply of generic medicines, and timely paramedical assistance.
  •  Video consultation - We also offer video consultations for people who can’t step out of their houses because they are either too vulnerable or have serious symptoms.

For more information about how our franchise works and functions, click here to enquire more or contact us.

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