A Seamless Healthcare Experience both physically and virtually

A Seamless Healthcare Experience both physically and virtually

About Us

Healthnovo is a hybrid healthcare start-up with verticals of consultation services, diagnostics facilities, Merchandiser of Medical Devices and generic medicines.

We are a pioneer in providing high-quality healthcare and value-added services. Driven by a team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals, we provide both online and offline services with an emphasis on the comfort and wellbeing of patients.

Our company is highly equipped with advanced technology, competent healthcare professionals, an abundant supply of low-cost generic medicines, as well as prompt paramedical assistance.

For the client's health journey, we introduced FMC. First Mile Clinic a franchise-based set-up that provides primary screening to enrolled members using clinically proven approaches thereby eliminating the need for secondary screening and hospitalization.

Our USP is the health ATM, a compact machine that can be used to diagnose chronic diseases in cardiology, neurology, pulmonary testing, gynaecology, basic laboratory testing and healthcare facilities. It offers immediate test results and is cost-efficient.

We promise to be a trusted partner for all your healthcare needs.



To provide all patients ethical, high-quality medical services without discrimination, at a reasonable cost.



To open 5000+ First Mile Clinic in 5 years. We strive to make India healthier by expanding FMC across India.



Our mission is to provide trustworthy, reliable, and High-quality healthcare services online and offline and offer excellent technology-led services such as the First Mile Clinics.

Core Values

A company's culture and purpose are found in its core values. A good sense of personal and professional values is essential for success in the healthcare industry. Values that are the driving force behind Healthnovo's attitudes and behaviours are:

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We are dedicated to creating a positive environment that fosters new ideas and innovation.

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We strive to exceed all our customers' expectations by committing ourselves in every area of our work to deliver quality and value. By educating patients to be partners for their care, we improve quality for all of our patients.


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We offer care with respect, compassion, empathy. Patient-centered care is the cornerstone of Healthnovo in achieving success.

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We promote a culture of trust, respectfulness, teamwork, and cooperation which determine our future.

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We encourage open communication because it fosters collaboration and allows timely, reliable and appropriate solutions.

Our Team

Our team is the backbone of our excellence and the secret to our long-term success. The potential to share skills and innovation with clients has been Healthnovo's greatest asset since our inception. We have an extremely hardworking and dynamic workforce. People with business skills, social obligation, technical experience, and the ability to treat others equally are all part of our board of directors.