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Healthnovo – A convenient way to access healthcare facilities

Within the testing times of the pandemic where people had to adjust to a life within the confined spaces of their homes that brought forth numerous challenges. Healthnovo has turned out to be their safeguard by introducing easy and quick solutions to one of the most primary needs – healthcare.

During COVID-19, the hybrid healthcare setup not only engaged in providing affordable and agile technology-led services but has also generated direct employment for a number of employees at every First Mile Clinic. This was primarily carried out to support its operations by taking into consideration social responsibility as their top priority.

The First Mile Clinic services are well equipped with a general physician, rapid diagnostic screening with its innovative point of care medical devices, (test results are generated in just 5-15 minutes) consultation from the super specialty doctors, paramedical facilities, and generic pharmacy. The services have started operating from the previous year and it is now expanding its base through First Mile Clinics in Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Baramati, and many other districts of Maharashtra.

Speaking about this initiative, Mr. Abhay Deshpande, Founder, Healthnovo says,
“We have been working ardently to bring about a difference in the health care technology in India. In the global pandemic, Healthnovo has taken the 360 degree approach to improve the primary health solutions available not only for people but also for our government. The startup has successfully managed to gain confidence and good response from its consumers.”

Ms. Rima Sunit, Co-Founder, Healthnovo says, “Healthnovo provides integrated home health solutions by bringing the most convenient way to track your medical needs, facilitate medical expertise, and rapid diagnostic testing in a pocket-friendly way. Besides being affordable, all the services are offered under one roof. Many of our doctors have let go of their practices and have joined us to take this initiative forward.”

Healthnovo is also targeting corporate customers. They have tied up with a leading UK based security services company to digitize their employee health checkup process in the recruitment phase. Additionally, they also target to approach banks and Government organizations with its innovative digital and POCT solutions