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Telemedicine has a wide range of applications in patient care, education, administration, and public health. People in rural and remote areas around the world fail to get timely, high-quality specialized healthcare services. FMC’s Telemedicine can close this gap and make healthcare more accessible in these outlying areas.


We want to change the way complex health services are delivered by combining a proven system with advanced technology to provide world-class, compassionate medical treatment to our patients wherever and whenever they need it.


  • Available 24/ 7.
  • Access to the Doctor/Patient Portal.
  • Patients can access their schedules.
  • Appointment scheduling and rescheduling are also available.
  • Patients have access to their medical records.
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Join the Healthnovo team, where we provide patients with primary care professionals,
telemedicine-based specialty care that is easy to use, professionally executed, and completely

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